In 2010, SMC Software was co-founded by Mayra Harley, CEO, and Mike Harley, President, in response to the increasing digital e-commerce landscape, high costs of third-party integrations and the critical need for an improved, cost-effective parking reservation system.

Having decades of travel reservation experience, Mayra and the development team crafted patent-pending smartLUIS™ (which stands for Logical User interface Software) - an exceptional Central Reservation System (CRS).

This proven proprietary software is designed to give parking operations the ability to manage reservations, multiple rate structures, inventory controls, ancillary services, partner channels and marketing campaigns – all in real time from a single platform that seamlessly integrates to back-office and access control systems.

The success of the software led to the sale of its intellectual property in January 2016, to Parking Reservations Software, LLC.