How to Increase Parking Reservations with Marketing

Parking Reservations

Successful parking businesses know that marketing is essential to engaging customers, amplifying their brand, and increasing sales. But for some operators, the world of marketing is a mysterious and scary place.

There are mounds of statistics to prove that the many elements of marketing when used alone or collaboratively, can greatly impact revenue. A few targeted initiatives will help gain new customers and keep existing ones. Here are a few tips:

Mix It Up

A healthy mix of traditional marketing with digital marketing is usually the best blend for parking. Traditional marketing includes ads and signage while digital marketing includes web offers, social media, content marketing or SEO, and there are many ways to combine these efforts. For example:

  • A print ad or coupon can be cross-marketed with posting the same ad or coupon on your parking website or social media.
  • Content marketing that is optimized can be used as a blog on your website and can be shared on social media, pulling traffic to your website and social media accounts.
  • Making parking reservations from Facebook is actually possible! By using the "Book Now" button on your Facebook page, you can provide another opportunity for customers to book parking, especially when combined with a special Facebook discounted rate.
  • Posting simple, snappy videos about your parking business on YouTube, sharing them across social media channels, and adding them to your website helps with customer engagement. The impact of video marketing has exploded and is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

It’s important to develop a written plan for the year’s marketing efforts, complete with objectives, tactics, and financial goals. Be creative! The options are endless and often have a very low investment but a high return.

Measure It

There is some truth to the cliché: what gets measured gets done. When a marketing effort is measured it keeps us focused and results-oriented. For this reason, marketing efforts should always be measurable and trackable.

This is where real-time, omni-channel parking reservation software with tracking, data collection and reporting capability becomes critical. Here’s why:

  • Real-time function is important in providing current customer data and behavior, allowing the parking operator to have a fluid approach to strategy as results are seen.
  • Omni-channel function is imperative to tracking each initiative with its unique channel, providing specific data to that channel. By assigning different codes to each initiative, tracking is easy with an omni-channel system.

Be Committed

If the marketing philosophy for your parking operation is “one and done” it might be time to rethink it. Successful marketing and advertising efforts are guided by a strategy and held together by long-term commitment. A parking operation’s team should have at least one person dedicated to the marketing plan, tracking its results, and reacting to them.

Sometimes efforts render quick results but other efforts, such as social media, take time. These initiatives require a solid commitment to executing the written plan consistently and methodically and patiently watching a slow upward trend.

Whether you’re an airport parking, cruise parking, or downtown parking operation, implementing a successful marketing plan is best when integrated with a solid parking reservation software system. In order to have the results you need, the reservation software should provide real-time reservations, customer data, omni-channel capability to allow for channel management, reporting and segmentation and real-time reporting.

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